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Maureen Adjaye

100% production increase . . .  A lot of faith, a faithful Creator, and some Business Planning and Coaching.
In spring 2005, Maureen had been in the business for about 6 months with two transactions under her belt when she decided on coaching with Sandy Lawrence.  It was a year with both a new home purchase and a new career.
"I decided on coaching because I wanted to get my life more organized, to have structure, and to build a solid foundation for my business."
"Coaching gave me the knowledge of HOW to run my business. It helped me set clear financial goals and taught me how to achieve them by revealing the activities I needed to perform, when and how to to do them. The knowledge I gained not only helped me with my business, but gave me principles for success in life in general."
About the `REAL' perspective, "I learned the powerful principle of renewing my mind by using affirmative statements, scripture, and positive thinking to transform my thought processes, my perspective, and limiting thoughts and feelings (like fear) that were hindering my progress.  Having this insight helped me to do the things I NEEDED to do
even if I didn't always feel like it." 
Maureen adds, "You take that step of faith every day, but you know you need Him to see you through."