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David Mills

31 Closed Transactions and $6.5 Million in Sales Volume in his first full year!

David began with the REALinTouch Business Planning-Life Success Planning Consultation and participated in monthly coaching  to map out his vision, mission, his message, brand, niche focus, and marketing strategies.  Coaching clarified his Weekly and Monthly Action Plans and helped him manage the demands of being a business owner, a lay minister, and a new husband!

"All superstars and all good athletes want to be coached.  They see the value in it.  There is a saying, "Instruct a wise person and he will be the wiser for it."  Coaching is synonymous with instruction. 

Through coaching I became more organized.

Proverbs teaches us that a fool despises instruction.  Most people don't want to be told what to do, but we all need instruction and accountability.  What I do affects others.  I just want to be wise."

David's motto is "My success is measured by the amount of lives I am able to serve and bless, and by the compliment of receiving your referrals."