Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Christian Coaching Services?


Individuals seeking to:

- function at peak productivity with purpose and focus
-determine specific plans, goals and factors to improve organization, character growth and/or business growth
- enhance interpersonal relationships in the marketplace
- provide leadership and talent management programs
- support overall wellness and success


HR Leaders- Managers - Meeting Planners Responsible for:

- Training/Performance
- Succession Planning
- Employee Loyalty
- Keeping Employees Motivated
- Recognizing Employees
- Employee Incentive Programs
- Supporting Employee Needs
- Job Satisfaction/ Engagement
- Networking/Educational Events

Hire Sandy Lawrence 

Simply email christiancoach@realintouch.com or call 

404-939-1569 EST to discuss your needs.


YES, I will work with you to identify a program that is just right for your audience. 


Ask about enhancing your event with customized pre-event activities and/or an insightful article authored by me for your organization's publication. 

Why should I choose to coach with Sandy?

 I answer to a 'Higher Authority.' 


Proven track record:

- over 500 individual coaching 'clients' have experienced tremendous growth and goal attainment through our coaching services


- many organizations and audiences report they've been inspired, encouraged and equipped through our engaging and energizing seminars and events.  See the 'Referrals' tab to read what others have to say.

Why do I have to pay an engagement fee upfront/ reserve my coaching appointment?

Worthwhile investments often involve an upfront commitment.


Your time is valuable, and you will receive tangible value right away. When you reserve your session or event with a paid reservation, you will receive materials and correspondence to help you be best prepared for your session and/or your organization's event.


This includes insightful assessments and planning tools that will save you precious time, give you greater clarity and stimulate resourcefulness.

What can I expect from you as a Christian organization?

Professionalism and prayer covering, and certainly, 'The Golden Rule.'


If you are an organization (secular, Christian or other), you can expect us to share best business practices and Judeo-Christian principles. Sandy Lawrence has earned a master's degree in Educational Psychology (emphasis in the science of learning), a bachelor's degree in Communications, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology. For more references, please see LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandyrlawrence/

We work with all people groups and are respectful of others whose beliefs may differ from ours.


If you are an individual, my distinctly Christian Coaching program is designed to help guide you in making wise decisions, to grow in relationship with God, and to apply His wonderful Truths to your life.

I'm a meeting planner, what can I expect?

You can expect I will work hard so you don't have to! 


Peace of mind:

I welcome your sharing expectations and special needs upfront.  We  will collaborate with you to ensure a message and program that is ideal for your group. 


If geographically available, we can make professional recommendations about a particular environment. 



Most clients have hired Sandy to provide several sessions a year because REALinTouch is a hybrid of workplace and life coaching that is versatile and well-suited to many audiences.


You can enjoy one-stop shopping for talent development, business planning resources and coaching services to get the most return on your conference investment all year long. 

How do I hire you? How do I reserve Speaker Sandy Lawrence?

Simply call 404-939-1569 EST in the US or email christiancoach@realintouch.com to check availability and once services are decided, you will be billed the date reservation (for events) or for your coaching package.