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"You were smack on target in helping me deal with some of the areas of difficulty. The Lord used you in a mighty way to empower and propel me in His direction. You were truly led by the Holy Spirit.  What really comes to mind when I look back at our sessions is your honesty and ability to clarify and pinpoint the situations. 


The principles really worked. Today I see my self as a progressive woman of God doing what my master wants me to do." Personal & Small Business Coaching, Ann-Marie F. of St. Maaten, Dutch Virgin Islands


“Thank you for giving me a road map for my business.  It was worth every penny!”   Business Planning Package Linda J. Walker, Entrepreneur & Investor

 "Just wanted to check in with you and express how much I enjoyed meeting you and the inspiration I received from your Faith and the Workplace message.  Those two opponents are at times difficult to join together.  The positive mannner in which you presented a viable solution was certainly timely and fitting for me." Souly Business Women's Retreat Spring 2007, E.B.


"I used your coaching tools and the success binder/planner.  Those tools have been so instrumental in me making progress with my business.  Thanks so much!"  Business Planning - J. Chris Ford, Author, Speaker


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“Sandy was my business coach (for six months). Sandy is a joy to work with. Sandy was intuitive to my needs and personality. Since she moved and expanded her own business, I have run into her current clients who have nothing but nice things to say about Sandy the person or Sandy the coach/speaker.”  Diane Bell-Gray, small business owner


"It is very rare when you get the opportunity to connect with someone whose personal, professional and spiritual commitment to helping someone increase the quality of life, is only exceeded by her love of God and her family.   I am thrilled by the results I have received in only a few weeks and feel that I am only scratching the surface.  You will look forward to the sessions and will feel doors opening to what is possible with God’s divine direction."   Wellness and Business Planning - Goal Setting sessions, M. Rodriguez, Pres.



"Sandy's a great teacher, motivator, mentor, and most of all, a 'REAL PERSON' who cares about people!"  Business Planning, Coaching & Group Workshops, Ron F.


 "I learned more about my cohorts in one day than in the previous four years." R.D. "Communication in the Workplace" Employee Development & Engagement Workshop

"We enjoyed your gracious manner; you kept everyone engaged all day (not an easy thing to do); well-trained in psychology; excellent sources; couching well the more sensitive points that needed to be made; your vivaciousness. You know your stuff and communicate it well, plus make it entertaining!" Communication in the Workplace: Refuel & Reconnect through Value-added Communication


“Sandy is bright, versatile and intelligent.  I met her through The National Speakers Association. Her stage presence, professional demeanor, and her speaking ability are first-class. She is totally at home in her area of expertise and she absolutely owns the audience.”  Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG, Professional Speaker, Ziegler Dynamics, Inc. 


"Your presentation addressed some of the many challenges and ever-increasing needs of the workplace . . . and provided tools and insights for use in our personal lives." Annual Lighthouse Leadership Conference, Meeting Planner D.S.


"My firm decided to hire Sandy to conduct 3 seminars. Not only did Sandy make the contract process easy but she also provided countless hints and suggestions on how to best reach our intended audience. Her ideas directly led to the large attendance of these seminars.


Sandy’s thorough handling of this engagement exceeded our expectations. She gave us 150% of her attention and effort. Further, she became an invaluable resource as I worked to make the arrangements to host these events. 


The success of these programs was made possible by Sandy’s expert guidance, comprehensive approach to her commitment and her inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm for the project. Our law firm received many thanks for the timely and useful information presented by Sandy in such an engaging fashion."  L. Gleisner, Continuing Education 1/2 Day Seminars


"I want to first say that as a preacher and teacher, I have heard many speakers. Your presentation was excellent. Your presentation was well organized and made sense. Your speaking ability is excellent." William P. - Lighthouse Leader Retreat 2007


“I'm glad that our firm partnered with you.  This shows we want to add value and offer something more than the traditional lunch and learn."  "Passion, Perception & Profits" Brand Alignment Workshop, Steve Golden


"What I did not expect is that there would be such quality substance and creative solutions in the material – your past experience and understanding of business is apparent and adds real value to your coaching. I clearly see you as a great coaching and training resource." R. Whitfield "How To Thrive in a Tough Economy"


 "I learned several things from your presentation and I was able to use the "tell the story" just yesterday.  It worked, I got a much better response."  Sales and Marketing Professional


"Thank you so much for the forum on technology and networking tips.  I walked away with a wealth of information."  Field sales associate - Viral PR & Marketing Workshop


"As Director of two university centers, I have had the wonderful privilege of working with Sandy Lawrence over the last three years in developing programs for our annual staff retreats, and subsequent staff development workshops throughout the year.

Sandy's expertise blends topical instruction with current management trends and research....and makes it fun!  She takes assessment of the company/agency's core values and designs a tailor-made workshop to enhance team performance. You'll find her session
s lively,
incorporating interactive exercises in and out of classroom, often with supportive material. We've also benefited from having each employee complete the RightPath assessments in determining their natural work aptitudes and preferences.

Over the last year I've also worked with
Sandy as a professional management coach. Finding the appropriate "adjective" to describe my experience is difficult, so I'll say * successful * results-oriented!  It has forced me to carve out "think" time to review my values, redirect efforts for myself and staff, and plan for the future. Sandy is a wonderful accountability partner!" Director, Two University Centers


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"Before coaching, I was working three times harder to make the same money!"  Monthly Coaching, Entrepreneur Linda W.


"I am, even after all these years, feeling so much more confident.  I am looking forward to attending more classes.  Thanks, again."  Personal Branding- Success Blueprint Workshop, Andrea S.

"I got a lot out of your session today. I was recharged by fresh ideas!" Claudie B.   Discover New Marketing & Sales Essentials Workshop Fall 2007

"Sandy Lawrence was very knowledgeable & prepared."

"I wanted to get my life more organized, to have structure & to build a solid foundation for my business. Sandy helped me set clear financial goals and taught me how to achieve them."
  Maureen Adjaye, Business Planning & Personal Coaching Client


"Sandy has given me wise counsel to help me develop and grow my business. I highly recommend her," Steve Ming, Owner
North Fulton Times.com


"When you coach with Sandy Lawrence, you discover how to appreciate and enjoy the various layers of your life."  Leadership & Personal Coaching Client 2008