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Sandy R. Lawrence 


Sandy R. Lawrence brings over two decades of REAL life experience in effective communication and human relations.


An energetic speaker and facilitator, Sandy Lawrence has designed successful coaching programs and has authored several works on leadership, performance and sales management, personal growth, and how to improve service and loyalty with effective interpersonal and business communications. 

"Sandy's a great teacher, motivator, mentor, and most of all, a 'REAL PERSON' who cares about people." 

Over 500 individuals from all walks of life have achieved greater clarity, productivity and adaptation of new behaviors through coaching with Sandy Lawrence.


Individuals and groups thrive when business and management practices are shared along with soft skills/life skills wisdom. Managers and leaders also have an opportunity to brainstorm and process concepts, challenges and initiatives with Sandy through one-on-one confidential consultation. 

ENGAGING SPEAKER, facilitator, and educator, Sandy has equipped and motivated a variety of audiences, and is well-versed in introducing and translating complex concepts into practical steps for workplace and personal success. 


Organizations and individuals have supported emotional intelligence and workplace productivity - a 50% to 400% boost in sales revenue and goal attainment by applying the innovative content and approaches introduced by Sandy.

TO HIRE Sandy for your next event, group instruction, or for individual coaching, please call 404-939-1569 EST


Sandy Lawrence and REALinTouch also provide the following:
- Workplace Engagement Consulting, Strategic Planning, Personal Coaching
- Vision-Mission Facilitation; Organizational Development
- Career & Human Resource Behavioral/ Personality Assessments
- Audio Books, Tips Booklets
- Expert Articles, Articles Customized for Your Publication 
- Staff Retreats, Mastermind Groups, Women's Retreats
- Christian Coaching
- Public Speakers and Emcees, Professional Voice-over

Mike Lawrence 

Mike Lawrence, co-owner of REALinTouch, is an accomplished IT entrepreneur with a Computer Science degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and over 20 years of real hands-on experience in applying technology. 

In addition to growing two successful businesses of his own, Mike has helped major organizations such Federated and North Point Community Church with technology and project management solutions. 

Mike is our Chief Technology Officer and one of Sandy's advisers. "Mike is a Godsend; he's my help-mate, a brilliant leader, and a fun and handsome husband!"

Sandy Lawrence's Affiliations - Accomplishments 

- Christian Coaches Network
- National Speakers Assn Georgia
- eWomenNetwork
- Self-Growth.com Author 
- Contributing Author, R.E. Magazine 
- Contributing Author, Georgia Connections Magazine
- Contributing Author, North Fulton Times
- Seminar Instructional Designer- Coaching Connection (TM)
- Adviser, Entrepreneurs Footsteps Group 
- 2007 Member of the Year, WCR Atlanta Chapter
- 2007 Education Chair WCR 
- 2007 Communications and Public Relations Committee, GAR
- 2007 Course and Instructor Development Committee, GAR
- Approved Off-site Instructor, GIRE
- Host Team Workplace Prayer Breakfast www.residentialprayerbreakfast.org/
- Founder "First Things First" Workplace Bible Study
- Author/Publisher of Audio Books and Training Guides

REALinTouch Philosophy 

REAL is an acronym for our vision - lives of joy and integrity: 

Rich Relationships - Energy and Enthusiasm - Applied Knowledge - Life of Abundance

"My preferred definition of 'integrity' is a state or character of being 'whole' or 'undivided.' This is the foundation of workplace and personal success, but it's a challenge to identify and maintain," explains Sandy. "We all need one another to inspire and support personal transformation and to help take us higher."

Real in Touch History 

Sandy (Rohre) Lawrence entered the world of 'the people business' knocking on doors to sell newspaper subscriptions in the 1980s. Various jobs in food service and hospitality helped pay her way through college as she obtained a degree in Communications and Psychology.

By the 1990s, she'd gained invaluable experience managing and motivating vendors, employees and colleagues of all ages and walks of life. In the height of a recession, Sandy was blessed by servant leaders, supportive peers and increasing knowledge of solid business principles, all of which helped her achieve Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club status and Gold Excellence awards for production and outstanding customer service as a young solo-entrepreneur in real estate. 

However, like many of us, Sandy struggled with identifying a meaningful personal mission and supporting rich relationships and work-life balance. Thousands of miles from home - figuratively and literally- she recognized her challenges were not unique and the vision for REALinTouch Coaching was born. 

After moving to Atlanta in 1998 to be closer to family, Sandy began consulting and coaching small businesses in communication and service initiatives. Soon she had the opportunity to provide career counseling, mentoring and business coaching and training for hundreds of individuals a year as a corporate coach for a major real estate franchise. 

In time she was asked to create a comprehensive business coaching program from the ground up, and advised as many as 80 individuals one-on-one a week. 

This performance coaching group experienced tremendous success - a 50% to 400% boost in closed transactions and personal goal attainment in as little as four months. "With God and a plan, anything is possible!" explains Sandy.

REALinTouch Coaching was formally launched in 2005, providing a unique hybrid of business coaching and professional development training that supports character growth and personal integrity. With the help of advisers and strategic alliances, Sandy continues to offer consultation, coaching, and workplace solutions to groups and individuals.

Much of Sandy's real-world leadership experience has come from community work serving on professional association committees, coordinating volunteers and promoting events, facilitating retreats and small groups, teaching debt reduction/ spending plan principles, and equipping outreach teams. 

ChristianCoach.com, a service within REALinTouch, provides personal coaching from a distinctive Judeo-Christian worldview, helping clients align efforts with scriptural principles. "Wisdom is the goal, which is applied knowledge, and that takes connecting the head to the heart, soul and spirit if you want lasting change and success." explains Sandy. 

"I'm a walking example of God's grace. He transforms my chaos to clarity, panic to peace and my fear to faith . . . He's not done with me yet, but I'm paying attention and sharing what I learn," confesses Sandy.

Sandy and her husband Mike are members of North Point Community Church, named the 3rd most influential church in the U.S. in 2005. They attend the Buckhead Campus in Atlanta. In 2003 Sandy graduated BASIC Training, an emotional and spiritual health curriculum for leaders and lay counselors. 

Sandy grew up in Round Rock, Texas a suburb of Austin, and graduated with honors from Texas State University (Southwest Texas State) with a B.A. in Communications and minor in Psychology. 

Sandy admits she's a weekend gardener who loves nurturing perennials and roses as much as she enjoys growing joy, passion and purpose in people. She and her husband Mike reside in Atlanta with their furry kids.